Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life teaches you ...

Life teaches you certain tough decisions to be made at certain times. Face it and take it. As my friend used to say never be emotionally attached to anyone. It brings hurtings when it breaks. I have heard lot of my friends first love failures and their saddness. Everyone of them is great to have successfully succeeded and surpassed with their mental power.

Dont cry over the spilt milk. If you cannot get happiness through someone, there are N number of people in your life who are longing love from you. Please find them and show them or tell them you love them. It brings more happiness to you.

Dont go behind the ones who doesnt respect you or consider you for what you are.

" Desire is the cause for all miseries in life" - So dont desire so much on anything, it can be money, material, love, girl,even friends in that list, anything... if you have more desire, expectations you will be inversely affected with hurtings in your life.

Before you find mistakes in others just 2 sec think in your mind, have your ever done the same mistake before or doing the same mistake to others. Then you shouldnt be asking or questioning others/ your friend's mistakes unless you rectify yours.

Spread love, you will get love. Dont forget the saying "All the things come back to you". If you show love you get love from others. If you show anger you get the same but twice more.

For success, Dont grave for recoginition. Dont ever think at anytime after you have done so much of effort or work that people should praise you for that. If you think like that you will not do better in your next work.

In life everyone has to go some extremes so that you learn something in your life. Your maturity, level of thinking changes. You should be glad for that, welcome it.

No one in this life is 100% perfect.

- Just something i felt inspiring me i wrote. If some thing doesnt suit your principles please ignore it.

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