Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is BigTable

Hey this is large-scale DBMS used by Google to store Google's Data. Google Appengine datastore also keeps all data in it !!! Read more on

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steps for linking appspot to your domain name.

Me and my friend Senthil, have tried creating a domain name and linked it with google appspot. Below is the consolidation of the steps.

1)Go to and choose a domain name of your choice, pay and buy it.
2)Once you have bought u will have a new entry in your

3)You have a app created using google app engine and you have deployed it and running successfully. Now that you wanna link the appspot to a domain name of your choice which u created in godaddy. Lets c how do we do this step by step.

4)First step is go to

5)Click standard edition and add a domain you have created. Follow the steps.

6)YOU will be asked to verify your domain by adding randomly generated string into the CNAME record for your domain DNS. ( this step you have to do in against your domain DNS)
ex... googlefffggghhh12345 (your unique string)
Once u have verified your domain. Next step is to add it in appengine.

7) Go to Click the application id you wanted to link with domain.

8) Administration->Application Settings-> Add domain
Give the domain name.

*Note If you have not added your domain in google apps, step 8 will not work.

9) Now go to In dashboard you will see a new entry added which is nothing but the application id for which you have selected to link with domain.

10 ) Click on the application id and click Add URL , give the 'www' and click add.
Once succesfully added.

11) Go to then in the CNAME record a edit the entry 'www' to point to ''.

12) Now enter '' in browser it will be directed to your appspot.

For ref follow the below links.

If any step unclear plss give a comment we will help with whatever we know.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Crowd resourcing.

Hello guys...

I came to know from one of my manager that topcoder does crowd resourcing equivalent to free lancing, but they do it in the name of competition & awards.

if you a credits in it is a globally known added value to your career it seems. So i think we should watch it regularly and if any interesting work we should participate and try to win accolades.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Online PDF security settings remover

Sometimes when we download a pdf, it would be password protected or Edit options would have been deselected like copy, cut and print will be disabled.

In the below link you can remove the security settings applied to the pdf. It is a online converter. I tried it helped me to take print of a pdf book. Max size you can give is 5 MB.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tutorial to use eclipse with Apache tomcat

This tutorial talks about step by step approach of how to use tomcat with Eclipse, setup, and basic servlet execution examples.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our blogspot is indexed in GOOGLE search Result.

Hope u all know once i was telling, i have submitted our blogspot address to index in google web search and also in google blogs search result.

Now it is listed in google web search & also in blog search :))

So keep posting to make our blog more successfull.. !!!!

Sure you are all learning atleast on topic per day.. if u find it interesting post it..


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is Apache & Tomcat.

As a naive to server side development works, i was very confused about two words Apache server & Tomcat server. I was thinking Apache Tomcat is a single acroynm for Server deployment. But there lies the difference if some one says Apacher server and Tomcat or Apache Tomcat server.

Many of you might be aware of these distinctions, but for starters like me thought it could be useful.

ASF is Apache software Foundation, which was formed in 1994, when a group of talened ppl launched a HTTP server written in C language to promote or ease the server side developement of web.

It was named 'Apache HTTP Server'. If somebody says their webserver is running over Apache it means, they use Apache HTTP Server as the core part for HTTP transactions, and on top of the http server webserver logic would have been written to serve some requests ( or provide some service ).

Sun Micro System had their own Java webserver which is also nothing but a HTTP server written in Java language. And over the period of server side development Sun released Java Servlet API to handle multiple request coming to a HTTP server and much more features were provided for server side development ( 1994).

In 1997 , a developer from SUN developed 'Tomcat' as Servlet container which used JAVA HTTP server for http transactions. And later Sun donated Tomcat to make it as Open free software and the Webserver was then called as 'Apache Tomcat'.

So the main difference comes is, Tomcat is a pure Java based HTTP web server for Java code to run ( which is noting but Java Servlets & JSP ).
Where as Apache HTTP server is HTTP server written in c to support server development in C.

You cannot deploy a webapplication written in Java ( JSP, Servlet ) and deploy it in different webserver which is not compatible with JSP & Servlet. And similary you cannot develop a webapp in C or CGI and try to deploy in Tomcat webserver which in purely Java based.

Since Java & Tomcat is open source and freely available to every one, most of the server side hosting is done using Tomcat webserver. And it is available for all platforms Linux,WIndows,MAC os, UNIX,Solaris & many more...

This way, ASF has given many open source products which is making the server side development for WWW more easier and faster.

Wiki Links:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to write a tiny webserver in Java.

Guys.. this link tells an easier way of writing a tiny webserver which will listen on port 80 and fetch you a index.html when GET operation is performed.

I understood at the first go. thought it would be useful to share with u all.

And i checked the example code it works fine. Try it.
Good work by Jon Berg. ( author )

HTTP protocol in a simpler way.

Hello all..

Found this link pretty useful for HTTP protocol definitions and understandings. Before u put HTTP in ur resume, make sure you go through this link once :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Samsung Launches BADAOS

Samsung Launches BADAOS

The Bada OS is based on the existing TouchWiz interface found on most new Samsung touchscreen devices