Monday, February 15, 2010

At th end of a PoC @ project.....

At the end of completing one small working prototype project for my new team @ work,it made me feel -"Are people merely obsessed with tools usage among Java community specifically in Web development?" though few of tools were handy during my development.

Since I moved to this avenue("Web development") with my own interest few months back after one year in Core Java("Desktop Application development") and prior 3 yrs experience in c++ .

In the tools usage even,choices are the most troublesome for the new comers like me.

to start with ..

->wireframe for my ui mockups-many are there .I used Balsamiq(free version only)

->build - ant or maven . I favored maven as I used in my previous project(seems to me the world too :) )

->data modeling using TigerStripe (database design for the application) .This guy is capable to generate data model java pojo's for us from mere uml sort of diagram specification. also,specifying relationship between entities too possible..

->orm/persistance -hibernate used in mine & there are other good enough candidates-JPA,etc.

I am skipping - "choosing IDE and database for application". here.

->web framework - struts,spring mvc,spring web flow .finally what we have end up is an hybrid one :)

->web container - traditional non-osgi based containers(tomcat) or osgi based one(spring dm server).

->to be Web 2.0 app, usage of rich javascript library to our front end ui code.
this is infinite I suppose .few I tried - jquery,yui & end up in dojo.

->notification framework in ur web 2.0 enabled web app - DWR or cometd

I was exhauted finally when I was asked to automate my unit-testing of my web application.
many java mocking frameworks are there it seems. one I got to know and to be done :( - using mockito.

Though learning and doing were interesting,somewhat for people like me migrating to web development from " Application development" .I wish to share the happening via this post.
Nothing sort of complaining this web development space or scare the new venturers here.

Little mindset change is required - thats what I felt. after all I have jotted down about Java web devleopment only . There are very much strongs parallels in python ,ruby ,erlang.

My words finally -"pursue this ,only on passion" .but not on craze or hot things happening in this space

I am very passionate about things happening in web world now .
I wish to do really a big thing in future :)

if not me atleast via my Frenz by inspiring them.

Again Finally ,this is not melancholic or demotivating note. :)

With Patience and steady conceptual learning by doing things in web,I believe one should be able to achieve feat in this space. After all,learning in ones own pace is never a curse though you miss few buses now :)

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